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About Pine Manor Estates

Often, the road less traveled is worth the journey.

Pine Manor Fourish

History, tradition and family. Be part of our story.

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Beyond Expectations

Set on the shoreline of a private lake in the heart of Shawnee National Forest, Pine Manor Estates awaits those willing to wander off the beaten path. With eleven guest houses, including the historic Pine Manor, this luxury country inn and resort can accommodate over 80 guests for events ranging from weddings, to family reunions, to corporate training and group retreats. Whatever the occasion, a stay at Pine Manor Estates will leave you and your guests rewarded and reconnected.

Experience life at a slower pace, where Midwestern ease meets Southern hospitality. Here in Carbondale, Illinois, at the doorstep of everything Southern Illinois has to offer, Pine Manor Estates sits near enough to St. Louis and Chicago to make for an easy trip. But what you’ll find is a world away from ordinary.


Southern Illinois
& Pine Manor

Pine Manor sets the precedent for world-class accommodations and real-world comfort illustrated on a backdrop of Southern hospitality.

Shawnee Wine Trail
Southern Illinois University
Horeseback Riding
Adventure / Zip-line
Mountain Biking

History Pine Manor

The Gibson family has had their roots long planted in Southern Illinois. When thinking back to their favorite memories they were filled with family and the simple pleasures that live just steps off the beaten path. Their love for the area and Southern heritage that comes with it turned from a lifestyle into a dream when they acquired Pine Manor in 1998.

The Gibsons realized their desire to share the culture and luxury of the South and so opened the doors to the Pine Manor Estate. For more than twenty years, the Gibson family has furnished, remodeled, and restored Pine Manor. With the success and warmth the main house brought, the family went on to acquire several more houses, 125 acres of land, a farmhouse, and budding orchards.

This expansive, growing retreat is maintained with care and kept up in timeless elegance. The Estate has upheld the Gibson dream and has provided the perfect setting to reconnect with those around you- all while experiencing classic Southern country culture.

The Gibson Family

The Gibson Family’s connection to Southern Illinois is one that only deep roots and a storied heritage can forge. Having called the region home for generations, their favorite memories are of relishing the simple pleasures that reveal themselves when we slow down and step away from the norm. Pine Manor Estates is the culmination of their dream to share the rewards of wandering off the beaten path.

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Pine Manor sets the precedent for world-class accommodations
and real-world comfort illustrated on a backdrop of Southern hospitality.