The Gibson family has had their roots long planted in Southern Illinois. When thinking back to their favorite memories they were filled with family and the simple pleasures that live just steps off the beaten path. Their love for the area and Southern heritage that comes with it turned from a lifestyle into a dream when they acquired Pine Manor in 1998.

The Gibsons realized their desire to share the culture and luxury of the South and so opened the doors to the Pine Manor Estate. Over the last thirteen years, the Gibson family has furnished, remodeled, and restored Pine Manor. With the success and warmth the main house brought, the family went on to acquire six additional houses, one hundred and twenty six acres of land, a farmhouse, and budding orchards.

This expansive, growing retreat is maintained with care and kept up in timeless elegance. The Estate has upheld the Gibson dream and has provided the perfect setting to reconnect with those around you- all while experiencing classic Southern country culture.